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Groups & Workshops

Group Counseling  can help you to learn new skills and gain greater self-awareness while connecting with others experiencing similar concerns.  Groups meet in our large, serene, comfy "living room."  Put up your feet and relax and enjoy the positive energy!  Some Ocean Waves groups include both "talking" time and "movement" time in the studio to help manage feelings through movement and help build both physical and emotional strength and resilience.

Ocean Waves Groups

Moving on After Divorce:
for women needing to adjust to changes related to divorce, build a sense of power, receive support, and create/follow new plans for moving forward.

Caregivers Support
for adults taking care of parents, partners, and children who are coping with medical/emotional/physical concerns.  Group focuses on providing care and support for the caregiver as well as learning helpful tools for creating balance between taking care of your loved one as well as yourself.

Empowered After Abuse
for women who have experienced physical and/or emotional abuse in intimate partner relationships.  Learn about the cycle of abuse, emotional and physical effects, and learn how to build your individual sense of power and strength to move forward.  

Living with a Narcissist in Your Life

for those struggling with a partner or family member exhibiting narcissistic features.  Learn to recognize narcissistic features/patterns, symptoms of narcissistic abuse, and strategies for setting boundaries and taking care of yourself.

Stress Less/Letting go of Worries
for those struggling with stress and/or anxiety.  Learn new tools for managing stress and anxiety and decreasing worries.  Groups for both teens and adults available.