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Molly Daddono

Hi I’m Molly, and I’m thrilled to be sharing reiki energy through Ocean Waves Wellness! I’m here promote stress reduction in a non-invasive way, to help clients heal from physical, emotional, and mental stressors. We often hold these stressors in our physical body, such as clenching our jaw or tensing our shoulders. We hold stressors in our energetic bodies as well, and through reiki I disperse build ups of energy in the body that are contributing to distress.

I’ve been a certified reiki healer since 2013. I first discovered reiki while I was struggling to live a healthy, balanced life because of anxiety and depression. Reiki showed me that I could heal myself by harnessing the energy of the universe. It was a relaxed, rejuvenating feeling; as if I was soaking up the sun at the beach. I started out only doing reiki on myself, and once my anxiety and depression diminished, I began practicing on others as well. Seeing firsthand the effects of reiki on myself and others, I was inspired to attain the highest level of reiki certification- Reiki Master.

I have just returned to New Jersey after taking my reiki practice to Madrid, Spain, where I lived for 2 years. Prior to living in Madrid, I lived in Newark, Delaware where I earned a Bachelor of Science from University of Delaware. I am thrilled that my reiki journey has led me to Ocean Waves Wellness, and I can’t wait to help share reiki energy in my home state.