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Reiki Healing

Do you notice a difference in your mood when you spend time outside in the sunshine? A feeling of the sunlight giving you happiness, energy and strength? It’s not something you can touch, but it’s something you feel. This feeling is a lot like the feeling of a reiki session.

Reiki is a healing modality that heals using pure divine light, or energy, channeled through a healer. It helps with stress reduction and developing a sense of balance and inner peace. Reiki healers are people who intuitively feel places in the body that are carrying mental, emotional, or physical pains or burdens, and use this pure light to alleviate burdens. These healers generate reiki energy through their hands, and by using light touch, infuse this energy into the person being healed.

During a session, the client will lie fully clothed on a massage table.Through light touch or hovering hands over the client, the practitioner will provide a 30 or 60 minute healing session. The energy centers of the client's body are cleared of blockages, releasing any stale or negative energy that no longer serves the body. This helps to balance the mind, body, and spirit, in turn reducing stress and anxiety and improving general wellbeing.